Sunday, December 15, 2013

December 9, 2103

Hey Mom and Pop and the rest of everyone who might read this..
How's a goin??
Anyways haha.. I'm doing better now.. just gotta stop being so down haha. easier said than done. Elder Izatt is great and helps me a lot. And now he's leaving? uggh. Oh well. And president asked me to train a greenie next transfer. Crazy! Hopefully I dont mess him up too bad..
And yeah I'll need some money to get dallen something and to be able to send it. haha I love our traditions. we had our ward Christmas party and it was a blast I loved it. We've been hanging out with the guy we just baptised. Stewart Amspacher. He is such a great guy and i love his family a ton. His wife is so close too I cant wait. My comp pointed out that I have had a hand in 7 baptisms so far. Its crazy. It doesnt even feel like it but once I step back and think for a bit. I have done soo much work already in just four months. But just like Ammon, in Alma 26:11-12
11 But Ammon said unto him: I do not boast in my own streangth, nor in my own wisdom; but behold, my joy is full, yea, my heart is brim with joy, and I will rejoice in my God.
12 Yea, I know I am nothing; as to my streangth I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his streangth I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever.
I love those verses. They are so true especially in missionary work. We can litteraly do nothing ourselves. Without the lord this is impossible. And I will praise the Lords name forever for the many blessings I have seen on my mission. I love the Lord and all that he has done for me and I love the scriptures and all that I learn from them. I was thinking the other day about all the persecutions that people have gone through for the Book of Mormon to come to where it is now. All of the sacrifice and the afflictions for a book. It is amazing that those people went through what they did. And I am so greatful that they did and didnt give up. Because without the Book of Mormon I don't know where I would be, but it would be a very dark and scary place. I need this Gospel in my life. If I want to be a good man and a good husband and father I NEED this gospel. Without it i am nothing. And the longer Im on my mission the more I realize that. Its amazing that we have it in our lives. And Im so greatful to have it in mine.
The church is deffinately not for the perfect. If it was then no one would be there. The church is there to lift and help those who are looking to better themselves and streangthen their relationship to God and Jesus. I love this time of year where Jesus becomes the focus of the times. Its sad that people dont really think about Him all year, but Im greatful for this time of year where the people turn and think more about Christ and what he has done for us. Without Christ we would all be lost. And I would be left to wallow in the pains and guilt of all my sins. But through Christ I can be forgiven and I can forgive myself, through Christ I can be made WHOLE.
Sorry for the roller coaster of emotions. Seems like every week my letters are different. Some depressing haha and others happy and spiritual and some just me. haha
Love you guys, and I miss you a butt load.
Elder Bowler

Oh, PS--
Ok so a couple of quick things.

 1. I have a bike now.. Elder izatt was given one and now he has his visa so he's giving it to me.. And its a pretty nice bike.. Crazy i know

 2. also for Christmas if you're feeling generous can you get me two more pairs of those sock holder things... And some church movies.. Like mountain of the Lord, best two years, other side of heaven and any other awesome ones.. Christmas ones are good to.. And i really like the church history and D&C videos.. And these were all shown in the MTC so I'm not breaking any rules. Yay me!

 Also if you're feeling generous a little money wouldn't hurt.. I hate asking.. And i don't need it. But i wanted to get some things for Christmas for you guys and I'm broke till yeah. Also can we still do brotherly gifts? And can me and Derrek still be included? Jw

Elder Izatt is going to the Salvador south Brazil mission speaking Portuguese.. I hate to see him go..we have grown to be such great friends.. And he hates to go too but he knows he has to.. 

Go listen to
1. Missionary work and the atonement
2 conversion of a catholic priest
On YouTube.. They are super great

I've been struggling lately Haha.. I'm getting sick of change and i am so homesick it hurts.. Elder Izatt helps me out a ton tho.. And I'll be training next transfer.. This is so hard. Uggh i just need to Getty through the holidays.. I wish i could come home for just like two weeks.. Haha oh well.. I can honestly say that a mission is the hardest thing I've ever done. But the amount of growth i see in myself is crazy.. Now i see trials as just another thing to make me stronger.. Yeah trails suck but whateves.. That's life i guess Haha.. And just in case you weren't before, keep me in your prayers.

I love you guys so much. I never realized how much I'd miss my family.. Crazy..

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 2, 2013

first off i loved your email haha. loved it!.
and second of all... FRIGGIN YODIES!!!! what is wrong with the world today.. had to go and eat my chicken!!! i wish shep was outside and could tear that yodie a new one.. thats probably the worst news ive heard since ive been out... soo depressing... haha i guess shep will be super protective of every single chicken we will have from now on. we need a doggy door or something.. man i miss that dog.. ugh.
thanksgiving was pretty fun.. and i lost the charger to my camera battery thing so im gonna buy a new one today. but we ate at the stullers and it was way fun. the wife is from germany originally so shes pretty psycho haha. super funny family tho. i couldnt stop laughing the whole time. and they had a son that just got home from his mission and we were talking a ton to him. hes pretty cool.
there are soo many super awkward families in our ward.. every time we have a dinner its usually super awkward haha. but we have a ton of super cool families too. and its a crazy young ward too.
on sunday we had a baptism it was super cool. i was glad to be a part of all that.
and im not suprised that our family is still as crazy as ever.. i kinda like it that way.. after all the families ive seen im so glad to have my family the way it is..
BT Dubs thank you for paying tithing.. i probably woulda keeled over a long time ago if you didnt.. haha jk but seriously.. thanks. sets a great example for me. idk if i already said this in an earlier letter but a part in my p-blessing says that ill look at my parents example and want to be like them.. and the longer im out i find that is so true.. you guys set an amazing example for me. thank you..
sorry i have like nothing to write this time.. i feel kinda lame ..
poor chickens.. sigh...
this one did feel alot like me tho.. hope you liked it haha.
DUCES love ya

November 25, 2013

Alright i got a ton to say so hopefully ill have enough time to write it all.
so i got your package thank you so much i loved it haha. weve been going through all the music. and were only like on the 3rd one haha. idk if you put it on the cds but i wanted to show my comp the testimants of christ. and another testimant of christ. idk maybe ill go to the deseret book. and ill send back the ctr ring thing soon.
so i got to see uncle mike and he took us out to a quick lunch. and we had a pretty good talk about mission life and his mission. i really enjoyed talking to him. and we talked a little about Grandpa Bowler. i asked mike how hes doing. recently ive been strugling. ive had a lot of pent up anger towards him. mostly cuz of some of the stuff that he did to grandma. and i dont know everything that happened but i was just hurt that anyone could do that to my angel of a grandma. and im getting to a point of understanding and a point of forgiveness and letting go and moving on. holding on to that anger was only hurting me. and talking with mike kinda solidified my release of that anger. it wasnt easy at all and im still kinda iffy about it all. but talking about it helps. and ive kinda shared that with some investigators. and it ended up being perfect timing because i turned aroung and helped someone else be able to forgive someone that hurt them and it was a really spiritual moment. and in my new area weve been working with a family. they were already in progression before i came so im coming near the end of their progression but ive love being able to help them along and even tho its not very much i still feel happy for them and one is getting baptised this sunday and hopefully his wife will follow soon. their kids were baptise a while ago and theyre awesome i love their family soo much.
and ive been going through a personal rough patch. strugling lately with my teaching and my spirituality and it seems like all of my past mistakes are haunting me. when i went to bishop and told him about my life in Mesa he said i was fine since its been at least six months since ive done all that. but i never repented i just stopped.. but the sins were still there and they were still haunting me. and alot of other stuff that ive done. so its been a rough week. and i spent a ton of time on my knees and i already feel a lot better but i have a long way to go before i get to where i need/want to be in my life especially on my mission. so all i ask is pray for me. i need it. i dont want this letter to sound too depressing but yeah missions are tough and its a time for personal growth and this is my growth..
umm me and my companion are getting along so great. i love him to death and weve become such great friends. hes helped me out so much lately and i need it and hes been so great and i accidently punched him in the face to thank him for all his help... im an idiot... oh well
ive been listening to alot of confernce talks lately and i love Hollands talk "like a broken vessel" its such an amazing talk
i love the part where he says "Believe in miracles. I have seen so many of them come when every other indication would say that hope was lost. Hope is never lost. If those miracles do not come soon or fully or seemingly at all, remember the Savior’s own anguished example: if the bitter cup does not pass, drink it and be strong, trusting in happier days ahead."
i love his talk and every time i listen to it i feel the spirit so strong and it gives me streangth to never give up. i love this work and i love this church. and all the time i spend on my knees i only grow closer to my Father in heaven. i dont know where i would be without this gospel in my life but it is a scary thought. and seeing all these people who dont have it makes me appreciate it so much more in my life. i need it. without it i am lost. it is the only way for me to stay the course i need to be on and the only way i can live a truly happy life. ive had too many hard times and too many miracles to not believe in this great work. The gospel has blessed my life in more ways than i can even imagine.
and i just want to thank you mom and dad for being such amazing examples in my life and for being such amazing members of the church. i love you so much and i thank the lord for having you as my parents and for being so great.
i realized that i relate alot to Nephi. being born of goodly parents, large in stature, and even having my hard times "oh the wretched man that i am" and look at all the amazing things hes done. and i relate alot to Alma in Alma 36. going through his repentance process ive been able to relate that alot to my own life and verse 24 is the reason i am on a mission right now. even though im still going through my own process still. i love bringing people to the joy i have in this gospel. i love the happiness i feel when im progressing through repentance. this is an amazing church. i love it. and i know that it is the one true church. this is gods church and he trusts me with his work. i have grown to love the Book of Mormon with all my heart. it has so many great teachings and i have grown so much by reading it and learning from its truth.
well i have to go now but i just want you to know that i love you guys. and i miss you dearly. but i have work to do!

oh and our temple time is changing .. i dont know what time it will be yet.. still the first wednesday tho.

haha i just looked at the blog i love it i miss shep soo much i love those pictures. and i wish i could be there for all the projects haha oh well
could you guys share with me your testimony of tithing. i read a little in the blog but yeah..

November 18, 2013

haha i was just being dumb about sending out kota haha. i do miss her. and tawnee is great too haha. im not really thinking about marriage yet anyway. i was just realizing how great all these people are in my life. i miss you guys soo much. im constantly thinking about home haha in a good way tho. i love it out here in Roxborough. Elder Izatt is amazing we are so much alike and we get along great i love him haha. there isnt really much to say tho haha. i am realizing how much stuff goes on out here with the missionaries and all the bad stuff they do. im pretty shocked. most of the stuff would be shocking at home not on a mission but to do all this stuff on your mission just  blows my mind. i have no idea why anyone would want to do that on there mission and have to live with this stuff for the rest of their lives. its crazy that the lord trusts them with his work. there is soo much that goes on that people dont know about its scary..

anyone can come see me if they call president and get permission. you don't have to wait for the temple day. it happens all the time out here. my companion is having two different people visit this week to take us to dinner. so if they wanna come see me all they gotta do is call.

Monday, November 11, 2013

New area - Nov. 11, 2013

Haha Jimmer fredette has a home out here and hes gone out with the missionaries a few times. hes in season now so hes gone.
my new address is
Elder Bowler
C/O Tucker Family
10144 W. Cavalry Run
Littleton CO, 80125
yeah i got all my snow stuff. ive had it for a while. i got transfered way out denver side to Roxburough. inbetween denver and colorado springs. its pretty nice out here. im loving it but i do miss my last area. i sent a letter on saturday so hope you get it soon. its kinda crappy but oh well
My new companion is Elder Izatt. (eye-zit) hes soo funny i love him. we get along so well and we are so much alike its scary. we have pretty much the same backround and past so we relate so well. we live pretty much in a mansion by ourselves. the family is in costa rica till february so its pretty nice. we stay in the basement which is under construction so its a mess but still nice. and we have a ping pong table and Izatt kicks my but all the time its sad but im getting better. im so excited for this next transfer i can already see the blessings and miracles beginnig to flow.
Izatt is from Gillete Wyoming. and he is way cool. He is a Visa waiter going to Brazil. His portugese is pretty impressive. he gave me the whole first lesson and i understood most of it and the spirit is way strong still. i love hearing him teach hes awesome. he has come from a really rough past. three of his best friends commited suicide within a year. and after all that he has been through he is so strong and he has come a long way. hes great. i love him. i cant help but tear up when i hear his story. he already has some people on date and thatll be happening soon. the Amsbacher family is soo cool. the kids were baptise a while ago and now the dad steve is going to be baptised soon and his wife tracy soon after hopefully.
there is a brother in the ward. brother massias he is soo amazing. we had dinner with their family and i kinda told him where im coming from and my struggles and he is soo full of love its crazy. he gave me an awesome pep talk. i needed it too. i love how the lord works. im doing so much better now. we have a car still so im happy about that. im loving my mission and its all flying by its crazy. theres some really great families in this ward.
the letter i sent has a bunch of videos on the sd cards for you guys so hope you enjoy haha. i miss you guys so much its crazy. it feels like ive been out for a while now. and im loveing every second of it. I AM A MISSIONARY.
nuff said
Elder Bowler

oh and we got to go to the temple. i loved it. we go the first wednesday of every month 730 morning session. the new video was great. i loved it. i thought it was funny how adam and eve got sent to the desert wasteland and it was just arizona haha. of course. its wierd tho cuz they do if from start to finish all in one room. then you go the the celestial room. it was way cool i love the temple so much. and i got to see a bunch of my friends. it was great. tell wendy and Mike and laura to call president and they can get permission to come see me and take us out to lunch or something ;) haha 303-929-2483,  i guess im living in littleton. but i live up in roxburough state park.. idk the ward is called roxburough.. just google the address i gave you. im really close to colorado springs.

November 4, 2013

i am being transferred. ill let you know where im at as soon as i can. transfers are tomorrow so yeah .. i hate this we just barely put like 6 people on date for next transfer and i have to leave. one of them went up to president murdock after stake conference and demanded that i come back for his baptism haha "we started this thing and were gonna finish it together" i love him. the other one pretty much said the same. i hate this feeling. ive grown so close to this ward and i love the people that we are teaching and now im being torn away. weve all become like family up here. weve been teaching a family and weve grown so close to them Michelle Butler said she has adopted me and Mickelsen. haha i love them im so sad that i have to leave them. theres lots of amazing people here. me and another elder.. elder muir went on exchanges and we went to see sister Duty and gave her and her daughter in-law blessings before they went to the temple. and it was so amazing. both blessings they said pretty much quoted their patriarchal blessings word for word. it was soo amazing. im gonna miss them. my comp was amazing and it sucks to have to leave after only one transfer together. he said hes gonna miss my cooking haha. got a reputation. its crazy cuz sometimes ill catch myself just talking like ive been out for over a year. and im like did i really just say that? i just got all spiritual.. haha i love it. most of the time i just act like i know whats going on.. haha i just wing it. theres pretty much no way to plan anything around here. i really hope i get to come back for the baptisms. i love you guys soo much but i gotta go. ill write alot more soon. i got lots to say.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the poor Goat!

can you tell the larsons that i want to write or email katie too. prefer email. then ill ask katie if she is willing to write my comp haha. hes an amazing guy tho. he made me so much better this transfer. i feel kinda bad sometimes cuz i still mess up and he has to deal with all my crap haha. i miss all the pets. i look through the paper and theres tons of cats dogs rabbits and other pets for free. im so tempted haha. theres a family that has a duck and it just sits out front guarding the place all the time. lots of stuff has happened so ill try to remember
umm first we helped a family butcher some goats. it was a blast. shot them in the head and skinned and gutted them and it was so fun we did that with another pair of elders. we had fun. i was playing with the decapitated head haha took plenty of pictures and a couple videos. i loved it. lots of blood. then were going back to do turkeys. then were gonna help the wells kill their goat that we wrestled (roger). i love the wells family. the road are rough out here and the bumper came off a bit so he fixed it a couple times.
then we pranked the sisters car. we soaped their window and threw a ton of newspaper inside and took off a tire and put it on the roof it was soo fun!. then just yesterday we did some service digging a hole all morning... and left our car at the wells and the two oldest daughters pranked our car with sticky notes and wrapped it in news paper. it was so funny. but it kinda backfired on them cuz we just tore it all of and left it on the ground and drove away and left them to clean it up. haha
then there was a zone activity and it was in the middle of freakin nowhere and the address they gave us was soo stupid the gps was takin us on some horrible dirt roads. and we kinda hurt our car a bit. i felt bad. and i had flash backs to our car and breaking the oil pan. then we went bowling and i sucked horribly.. as far pdays go it wasnt too fun.. oh well.
transfers are on the fifth so dont send anything. ill let you know if im staying. i think i might. i might be training and a district leader next transfer so we'll see i guess

whelp i gotta go. love you guys so much. 

Letters help :)

Your actually like the only ones who email me haha. I love reading your emails. even if they're short like mine haha. its been a pretty good week. when dad called me i was pretty surprised but i really needed it. i was going through quite a rough patch and felt really low. sorry about my last letter BTW if it seemed depressing. i try to be happy but its hard. i do love my mission and its great out here. but its definitely not easy. Then Charity wrote me a letter in the middle of the rough patch and what she said i really needed to hear also. If that's not divine intervention i don't know what is haha. We just had zone conference and David S. Baxter of the seventy came and spoke with his wife it was cool. kinda long and boring tho haha. 9 hours of him speaking. it was rough. i had a huge headache afterwords haha. oh well.
this transfer has gone by so fast and its almost over. i really hope ill stay in this area but i have a feeling ill be moving. ill let you know tho. transfers are on the fifth. hopefully ill stay tho. id like to be here for the holidays so we can be with some of the members that i love. theyre like my family away from home. id hate to be transferred right before the holidays. well see i guess. im loving it out here tho. the ward is amazing and we do alot of service. people like us for our brute strength i guess haha. and people seem to think we i eat alot. so they make a ton of food every time we have a dinner so i think im getting fat. haha. there is a kid that just got back from his mission in africa. he has the coolest accent. we take him out with us sometimes and he is awesome. but he apparently lost alot of weight over there. only had like two meals a day and ate some pretty sketchy food haha. i guess i got it good. my challenges will be my own tho and i definitely have a ton. we've been teaching a lot of people lately. and a lot of Catholics haha. they make the best mormons. they are some amazing people tho and it is really easy to love them. the missionary effort out here in this ward is amazing tho. the bishop is awesome and the ward mission leader and the elders quorum president. they're all so amazing. i love hanging out with the elders quorum president. his name is Shon Wells. We eat at their house a lot. those are the pictures you get. but yeah hes awesome. we give each other so much crap all the time haha. i love it. and he fixes our car every once and a while. one p day we went over and he let us mess around on their quads. haha it was fun. nothing to stupid. and he has a crossbow and we were shooting bales of hay. he has it all set up to where he can live of his land and animals for a while. there's lots of people like that out here. very self sustaining. we hear alot about politics out here too. haha out where we are everyone hates the way things are going. they say that colorado should split and the stupid people in denver can have their own state to ruin and everyone out west can live peacefully. haha its funny. theres lots of marajuanna going around tho haha. our next door neighbor has tons of plants growing. its nuts. we actually don't even live in the area that we cover. so were trying to find a place to live in our area so we can save on miles and whatnot. things are crazy tho. just gotta take it day by day.

 i laughed and derreks fire story. sounds like normal elders haha. not suprised. sister Duty said that she emailed you. i love her haha. shes so great. we used to go over and talk alot but we havent been able to lately because we have more people to teach and we dont have time but thats good. work is pretty slow but a lot better than last transfer. and we are already seeing the blessings of obedience. even tho we arent perfect but still alot better. there are some awesome families out here.

oh and could you do me a favor and ask the larsons if there is a way to contact katie. my comp is the biggest country kid haha. he listens to country a ton. and like five times a day i think that he should start writing her haha. i told him all about her haha. theyd be perfect for eachother. and he goes home soon. haha hes awesome tho. such an amazing guy and a great comp 

whelp there's your really long email. i didn't think id write that much haha. enjoy it while you can.

Love Elder Bowler 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Poop On Satan"

the baptism fell through. i was kinda bummed. but oh well. yeah i me and derrek email alot. haha we both suck as missionaries. no suprise. i knew he sucked. but until i got out here i didnt know how much i sucked. haha sorry if i dissapoint you but i really am trying to do better. last transfer we were horrible. and i dont know why i wasnt sent home. but the mission president likes me i guess. but im doing so much better than last transfer. just taking one step at a time and improving myself daily.
heres some pics. maybe..

yeah dont think the pictures worked. ill just send the sd card. oh yeah. one more thing. our bishop called us and told us that he saw a bumpersticker on the back of some old peoples really nice car and the sticker said. " Poop on Satan" haha how great is that. thats my new missionary slogan.
Poop on satan!!! 
Much Love, Elder Bowler

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Conference time...

I almost bought a pan for cake pops for like 17 then i found the quesadilla style one for 20 so i got that its pretty awesome hopefully it works im really excited tho. general conference is my favorite i cant wait. they watch the sessions in church here kinda like the priesthood session but with all the sessions which is kinda wierd but oh well. then the wells are cooking us a huge lunch inbetween sessions on sunday. i love the families up here. they are great. thanks for sending me stuff. youre awesome. any package you send to the mission home can only be forwarded to me if its USPS. if its UPS or FED EX then they cant. they can only wait till the next big meeting till i can get it. 

Aebleskievers worked out great. we were soo full. it was awesome. conference was soo good i loved it. so many amazing talks. i took tons of notes. plenty of stuff i need to improve myself on haha. but thats how it is everyday. finding one thing to improve on and working on it to grow more and more like christ. i have a long way to go but im working on it for sure. blessings are flowing out here its great. we have a baptism this saturday and today a family told me their 3 sons want to be baptised. possibly 4. but its awesome i cant wait. 
love you guys 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 1, 2013

I dont have an aebleskiever pan but im going to get one. we invited the other elders to our apartment sunday and im going to make them for everyone. im really excited haha. i am so glad that you had a good birthday week you deserve it. the mission is gonna have us start with the shoulder bags in a couple months. i dont really use my backpack anyway mostly because we have a car. so if i ever get a biking area ill need one for sure. everyone still uses backpacks tho. its not the main priority out here. and ill send another sd card with the christmas stuff and a bunch of other pictures. i have pictures of the wallabies too. this week was the first time i was really missing home just thinking of the aebleskievers and the tradition that it has become and all the family home evenings. good memories. and theres plenty of times out here where i often get reminded that you were always right. we dont really have a hard time teaching children but it is different and it would be nice to have something like that to help them learn. im so excited that you guys are so involved in missionary work. its really become a big push out here and its amazing the work that is being done... ( you kept on saying "you and Alec") haha thats funny..
alright heres the main part. with winter coming along im gonna need some stuff. so this is what i got..
1 my fly fishing stuff. a guy wants to take me out. if you dont want to send it then thats fine.
2 warm clothes. like a winter jacket probably like the one you got derrek. and maybe a long sleeve v neck sweater thing maybe just send a little money and ill pick one out idk. and a warm blanket.
3 and what ever else you wanna send me. just put it all in one thing so you dont have to send multiple.. idk you can figure it out. i dont really want to think about all that.
but yeah the mission is going great my new companion is awesome and im really excited for this next transfer.
love and miss you guys sooo much.
 Elder Bowler

Friday, September 27, 2013

September 25, 2013

Hey Mom
Transfers were yesterday and I am in the same spot for another transfer, my new companion is Elder Mickelsen from Idaho. He is pretty great. He was in our district before so I know him and we did service together a lot. Elder Lee was probably the worst trainer ever. Hopefully this transfer will be a lot better. and hopefully I can be a better missionary too, I wasnt to great last transfer. ill do better tho. I love hearing about home and all the things going on. we have a baptism coming up that im really excited for. hopefully it pulls through. our last ones didnt. and lately weve been doing alot of service for a family in the ward who really needs it and they have a helper thats catholic and weve been talking with her a lot about religion and its funny because i can totally see her being a mormon. shes a great person tho. and she is reading the book of mormon and what not. but shes great. theres lots of work here to do and im excited to do it all.

Alec getting some dinner at the Well's home

September 17, 2013

***Preface to this letter...I asked him if he had gotten any flooding because of all the flooding that was going on in other parts of Colorado.***

the weather up here is nice. we havent been dumped on too bad. but everyone says that it was really dry all summer and september has been the hottest theyve had in years then we just got the most rain we've had in years. so its cool. and they said that this winter in gonna be the coldest winter in 80 years. i love the cold. everything is going great tho. this transfer is almost over and it seems like time is just flying by. i love the other elders in my area that we hang out with. its a great group of guys for the most part and we have a lot of fun. i got sick on sunday from food poisoning and had to skip church and the ward mission leader and the elders quorum came and gave us the sacrament. but ive been doing alot of sleeping wich kinda sucks but ill enjoy it while it last tho. im feeling alot better today tho. not really much else to talk about tho. i saw my blog it was awesome haha i loved it.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A letter to family...

Alec wrote a letter of letters.  So, I am just going to type what he wrote and hopefully those he mentions are reading his blog and will know he is thinking of them :).  

"Dear Grandma Nyquist-
I am so glad to have had the chance to see you before I left on my mission.  I am so glad to still have a great grandma that I know!  Thank you so much for all that you do and have done for me in my life.  I love you and miss you a ton.
     -Love, Elder Bowler"

"I loved the Steurer's letters (Rod and Mary's family).  I loved Tessa's rainbow and tell Tessa my favorite color is blue and sorry I took forever to respond"

"Szymanski's, I loved their package and everyone's letters.  Especially Collin's: "Hello Alec, I have nothing to say, so ya.  We have to do this for family night".  Hahaha!  It made me laugh so hard and I loved the sweets.  It'll take a while to get through them!"

"Nana and Grandpa - I love their ties they send.  I always love new ties and thank you so much for your letters and the Dear Elder letter they sent.  I love letters.  Makes me feel less home-sick.  Keep 'em coming."

"Kathie, I just got your letter and I loved it and normally I would give her crap for taking so long to write, but I loved her letter."

"I think that's everyone.  I hope I didn't miss anyone.  Thank you so much for the letters.  They keep me going.  And for all those just tuning into my blog...I'm loving my mission!  It may be hard and slow sometimes, but its so worth it.  This Church is true without a doubt and we have PLENTY of fun out here.  I know that it's a must to have fun or I'll die and I'll be coming home for usre, but I don't want to be coming home!  1 month down...23 to go!"

"The work is hastening! and I'm a part of it!!!  How great is my calling?!?  Go look up Ouray and Ridgeway Colorado.  Probably my favorite place, now!  So we needed an egg to bake my "cake" [I sent him brownie mix for his birthday cake] and instead of asking someone for one (everyone has chickens), we went to Walmart and ended up with 60 eggs!  Little bit of an over-kill, so now we eat eggs a lot!  Not complaining, though...just thought it was funny!  LOVE YOU GUYS!!!"

Here are some pictures he sent of the MTC and Delta area.  I am not sure what all of them are about, but I thought I would post them anyway so that you can see what he is experiencing!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The "Spiritual Stuff"

This is a picture copy of the letter Alec sent to his cousin Emily.  You'll have to open the picture to read it.

Jumping right in!

hey sorry i didnt email yesterday it was labor day and everything was closed. and tell Calvin not to worry about that music. its all good. i just wish i got some off my laptop before i left. i had some good missionary stuff. our mission president is way awesome. he is so chill about everything. i sent a letter today so hopefully it gets there soon. its the wierdest letter ive ever written. i included my sd card from my camera. theres some good pics. i sent emily a letter about all the spiritual stuff thats happened cuz she asked for it. i told her to share it. so i didnt have to write it again. you should get it its pretty good. ive been doing pretty good out here. im loving it. i try to stay positive about everything and it really helps. i laugh alot and im just jumping right into things and it been going good. i miss you guys and love you alot. i might be needing a bike soon. but not sure yet. but i thought id give you a heads up. ill call you if i need it tho.
talk to you soon. love ya

Sunday, September 1, 2013

First I'd like to appologize because I dont remember how to spell your last name. Second I would like to introduce myself. I am Jill Harris from Montrose/Olathe, CO. My husband is the bishop if the ward yiur son is serving in now. What a good, sweet young man he seems to be! He is striving to be a good missionary.  I have just been called as a ward missionary and I will be able to work more with your son. I have been asked to make sure our missionaries are being fed. Today was my first day over that & I couldnt find anyone to cover today as it was the only one open for the week. So in my crazy schedule I met the elders at Subway to buy them dinner before they went to their appointment. Thats when I found out it is your sons birthday today. I just wish I had known before. So here is a photo of your 19yr old son on his 19th birthday. 
Thank you for sharing him with us!

Jill Harris

Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013...Alec's 19th birthday

i love you guys so much. haha man its crazy. its been a really slow week. my comp and i both got sick and weve had to scrounge for meals. weve had three dinners in two weeks and thats pretty rare. so its tough. still trying to learn the budget and what not. the members here are very few but good. Sister Duty is awesome her son Jeremy is 27 and has been through alot. been through the army, on a mission that almost killed him. and just recently his wife left out of nowhere with his kids. so we gave him a few blessings and it was amazing. i was shaking the whole time. i gave a talk yesterday. just on the BOM. lasted like 20 minutes. i think. i was shaking the whole time haha. crazy. not much else to write, but i love you guys a ton

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Delta, CO

This is a picture of him eating at the Wells' home in Delta, CO.  Sister Wells sent this to us!
that frog i found coming home one night and i put it in dallen and ashtons room and they put it in the kitchen sink and by morning it was gone soo idk how it got there haha.that was only like a week or two before i left tho.. go read the email i sent it has all the info. my comp is from alabama tho. were not teaching very many lessons but itll pick up. im so glad calvin got a job. i was praying for him a ton. congrats to dad. and sketch to ashton. good luck with him.. and yay for the horse haha. i forgot to build that thing you asked me to build but oh well haha. its definitely hard work tho. ive thought about coming home but i have no reason to. its just easier but im not gonna give up any time soon. its just hard not talking to or seeing anyone as much as id like. just gets kinda lonely sometimes. but ill be alright

my comp is pretty chill. hes Elder Lee. im serving in Delta/Olatha/montrose so i got quite and area so we have a car but hardly any miles to use. so it kinda sucks. its alot like taylor out here but on steroids. super spread out farm town. corn fields for miles and lots of hay. we baled hay all this morning. they have sweet corn festivals here also. and theres tons of people that know where snowflake is and have some sort of connection there. i met some penrods the otherday and his mom is in out ward so that was pretty cool. the work is hard tho. there havent been elders here for a while just a senior couple. they onely did less actives tho. so we got our work cut out for us. the last elders were handing out promise rings to young women in the ward. haha awesome. our ward is so small but the bishop and ward mission leader are great. our first day out we called them and they said they already asked like three different families to be baptised. so its pretty awesome. lots of people hate the mormons tho. lots of doors slamed in our face. but its good. we gave them their chance. alot of people are pretty open to us tho. the work will pick up soon i hope. im alive still so i guess that counts for something haha
Love Elder Bowler

oh and i made some Parmesan chicken this week.. friggin bomb. best i ever made. my comp loved it and who ever else had some. on pdays theres free bowling for elders so thats awesome and sonic gives us free food too.. dont mind if i do. ill let you know if i need a bike tho. ill go as long as i can with out one tho.

August 5th (MTC)

Hey Guys-

Things have been getting better. I had a rought start with home sickness, but I'm doing great now.  The adjustment to missionary life is getting easier.  I still miss you guys, tho!  I'm outta here next Monday.  Crazy.  The MTC is amazing.  I've met so many great guys here.  I've seen a ton of people from St. George that I know and a couple from Mesa.  There's gonna be 28 of us heading to Denver South just this Monday.  And more last week and more next week.  It's crazy.  On my flight from Phoenix there was 17 elders and 7 sisters heading to all over the world.  I see them around and they are great guys.  The Spirit is so strong here and the guys in my zone and district are awesome.  We do role playing a ton and its hard for me because instead of teaching a lesson we need to teach the person.  Help them with their needs.  There is an elder in my district, Elder Rafferty.  He is a convert of a year and a haldf and he is one of the most amazing guys I've met.  His Spirit is so strong. He is the most kind hearted guy Iv'e ever met.  And he's from Kentucky and where he's from is all Baptist, so from that background, he is still serving a mission.  He still has questions but last night he gave a blessing to Elder Kreider and it was his first time.  But the Spirit was so strong flowing through him and his words were not his and standing in that blessing I was like crying the whole time.  I loved it!  My testimony of the Priesthood and the Spirit has grown so much.  I love the Priesthood Power.

Monday, August 5, 2013

1st day at the MTC - August 1, 2013

He sent a hand-written letter, so I am typing it out :)

"Hey Fam!
         Imma go ahead and apologize now for my crappy hand writing.  I'm so used to typing stuff.  My P-day here is Tuesday.  So I can email then.  So far it's been kinda crazy.  Yesterday was just a blurr.  Today was a little better.  Every once and a while I'll feel overwhelmed, but I keep on goin.  Every thing is like dead serious most of the time, especially with the guys in my district, so when I can I try to have fun.  Laugh a little with other missionaries.  I'm afraid if it gets too serious I'll lose it.  I miss home.  I miss my friends.  My companion to me feels like he's everything to challenge me.  Kinda like a young, W.... except he talks way more and knows "everything" and feels like he needs to teach me.  But I just brush it off.  It kinda sucks because I feel sometimes that I left family and friends to be connected at the hip to W... and it feels sometimes that I left just when it was good and I was happy.  HAHA!  I don't mean to sound depressed.  It's just challenging.  It's nice here.  The Spirit is soo strong.  My testimony is growing a ton and it's nice to be around so many people here for the same reason as I am.  I love you guys a ton and again sorry for the hand writing.  This was kinda rushed.

Love Elder Bowler"

**sorry, took out the name.  Didn't want the person to get his feelings hurt if he read this :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The day has come - July 31, 2013

Alec was set apart as a missionary on Monday, July 29th by our Stake President, President Farr.  We had some of Alec's friends, people in our ward, and family there.

The next day, he packed everything up.  It was a different experience with Alec than with Derrek.  Alec was just giving everything away!  The only thing he cared about was his computer, and even then, if he really thought about it, he'd probably give that away, too.  It was hard for him to pack.  That is when it starts to become real.  We made sure he had everything he would need for at least the next 3 weeks, until he was settled in his first area in Colorado.  He filled up 1/2 a tote, which pretty much explains Alec and his personality...he just doesn't care about "stuff" and doesn't get attached to material things.  The rest went in his suitcases and then we headed to Phoenix.  We stayed at Heidi and Steve's house and Heidi and kids went with us to the airport.  We had to get him there by 6:00 am and we had about 1/2 hour to say goodbye and take pictures.  I am still getting the ones from Heidi with our family, but here are a couple I liked of her family.
Two peas in a pod!  They won't see each other for 3 years!  Friends for life, cousins for eternity :)

Heidi, Emily, Charity, Alec, Jeremy, & Zac
He was begging us to just let him go.  He was so wound up (to be expected) that he just wanted to get it over with and get on the plane!  There were at least 15 other Elders/Sisters going on the same flight, heading to the MTC.  They were there with their families, too.  It was exciting to see.  He was making friends with them as he was going through security.  I am glad he wasn't alone on his flight.

Alec's Aunt, Jenette, and her family came and picked him up from the Salt Lake City airport to take him down to Provo, to the M. T. C.

Alec and Net
Craig and Alec (yum!  Cafe Rio!!!)

Alec and cousin, Hannah

After eating some lunch, he was ready to head to the MTC.  Jenette said that when they got there, and he saw the masses of people being dropped off and the luggage and everything he said "What have I gotten myself into?!?".  It is quite a production and they have got things figured out at the MTC.  It is literally a "drop and go" situation and so Jenette and Craig "dropped" him and said a quick "goodbye" and left.  She called me right after and was in tears.  She just really loves him and was so happy that she was able to do that with her family.  I was so grateful that she and Craig took the time and money to do that for Alec.  I know it helped ease him into what he was getting ready to do.  

We haven't heard from Alec, yet, but hope to be able to hear from him soon.  He has been in 1/2 a week and I hope he is doing well and absorbing all he can.  It's a bit overwhelming, but it's not forever, and I know he'll do great.  We'll post more from him as his mission continues.  We are grateful for all the love and support from family and friends that have gotten him to this point.  He is a great kid and super fun to be around.  We hope those in Colorado will grow to love him as we do.