Sunday, September 8, 2013

A letter to family...

Alec wrote a letter of letters.  So, I am just going to type what he wrote and hopefully those he mentions are reading his blog and will know he is thinking of them :).  

"Dear Grandma Nyquist-
I am so glad to have had the chance to see you before I left on my mission.  I am so glad to still have a great grandma that I know!  Thank you so much for all that you do and have done for me in my life.  I love you and miss you a ton.
     -Love, Elder Bowler"

"I loved the Steurer's letters (Rod and Mary's family).  I loved Tessa's rainbow and tell Tessa my favorite color is blue and sorry I took forever to respond"

"Szymanski's, I loved their package and everyone's letters.  Especially Collin's: "Hello Alec, I have nothing to say, so ya.  We have to do this for family night".  Hahaha!  It made me laugh so hard and I loved the sweets.  It'll take a while to get through them!"

"Nana and Grandpa - I love their ties they send.  I always love new ties and thank you so much for your letters and the Dear Elder letter they sent.  I love letters.  Makes me feel less home-sick.  Keep 'em coming."

"Kathie, I just got your letter and I loved it and normally I would give her crap for taking so long to write, but I loved her letter."

"I think that's everyone.  I hope I didn't miss anyone.  Thank you so much for the letters.  They keep me going.  And for all those just tuning into my blog...I'm loving my mission!  It may be hard and slow sometimes, but its so worth it.  This Church is true without a doubt and we have PLENTY of fun out here.  I know that it's a must to have fun or I'll die and I'll be coming home for usre, but I don't want to be coming home!  1 month down...23 to go!"

"The work is hastening! and I'm a part of it!!!  How great is my calling?!?  Go look up Ouray and Ridgeway Colorado.  Probably my favorite place, now!  So we needed an egg to bake my "cake" [I sent him brownie mix for his birthday cake] and instead of asking someone for one (everyone has chickens), we went to Walmart and ended up with 60 eggs!  Little bit of an over-kill, so now we eat eggs a lot!  Not complaining, though...just thought it was funny!  LOVE YOU GUYS!!!"

Here are some pictures he sent of the MTC and Delta area.  I am not sure what all of them are about, but I thought I would post them anyway so that you can see what he is experiencing!

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