Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Poop On Satan"

the baptism fell through. i was kinda bummed. but oh well. yeah i me and derrek email alot. haha we both suck as missionaries. no suprise. i knew he sucked. but until i got out here i didnt know how much i sucked. haha sorry if i dissapoint you but i really am trying to do better. last transfer we were horrible. and i dont know why i wasnt sent home. but the mission president likes me i guess. but im doing so much better than last transfer. just taking one step at a time and improving myself daily.
heres some pics. maybe..

yeah dont think the pictures worked. ill just send the sd card. oh yeah. one more thing. our bishop called us and told us that he saw a bumpersticker on the back of some old peoples really nice car and the sticker said. " Poop on Satan" haha how great is that. thats my new missionary slogan.
Poop on satan!!! 
Much Love, Elder Bowler

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