Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013...Alec's 19th birthday

i love you guys so much. haha man its crazy. its been a really slow week. my comp and i both got sick and weve had to scrounge for meals. weve had three dinners in two weeks and thats pretty rare. so its tough. still trying to learn the budget and what not. the members here are very few but good. Sister Duty is awesome her son Jeremy is 27 and has been through alot. been through the army, on a mission that almost killed him. and just recently his wife left out of nowhere with his kids. so we gave him a few blessings and it was amazing. i was shaking the whole time. i gave a talk yesterday. just on the BOM. lasted like 20 minutes. i think. i was shaking the whole time haha. crazy. not much else to write, but i love you guys a ton

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