Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 5th (MTC)

Hey Guys-

Things have been getting better. I had a rought start with home sickness, but I'm doing great now.  The adjustment to missionary life is getting easier.  I still miss you guys, tho!  I'm outta here next Monday.  Crazy.  The MTC is amazing.  I've met so many great guys here.  I've seen a ton of people from St. George that I know and a couple from Mesa.  There's gonna be 28 of us heading to Denver South just this Monday.  And more last week and more next week.  It's crazy.  On my flight from Phoenix there was 17 elders and 7 sisters heading to all over the world.  I see them around and they are great guys.  The Spirit is so strong here and the guys in my zone and district are awesome.  We do role playing a ton and its hard for me because instead of teaching a lesson we need to teach the person.  Help them with their needs.  There is an elder in my district, Elder Rafferty.  He is a convert of a year and a haldf and he is one of the most amazing guys I've met.  His Spirit is so strong. He is the most kind hearted guy Iv'e ever met.  And he's from Kentucky and where he's from is all Baptist, so from that background, he is still serving a mission.  He still has questions but last night he gave a blessing to Elder Kreider and it was his first time.  But the Spirit was so strong flowing through him and his words were not his and standing in that blessing I was like crying the whole time.  I loved it!  My testimony of the Priesthood and the Spirit has grown so much.  I love the Priesthood Power.

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