Sunday, October 13, 2013

Conference time...

I almost bought a pan for cake pops for like 17 then i found the quesadilla style one for 20 so i got that its pretty awesome hopefully it works im really excited tho. general conference is my favorite i cant wait. they watch the sessions in church here kinda like the priesthood session but with all the sessions which is kinda wierd but oh well. then the wells are cooking us a huge lunch inbetween sessions on sunday. i love the families up here. they are great. thanks for sending me stuff. youre awesome. any package you send to the mission home can only be forwarded to me if its USPS. if its UPS or FED EX then they cant. they can only wait till the next big meeting till i can get it. 

Aebleskievers worked out great. we were soo full. it was awesome. conference was soo good i loved it. so many amazing talks. i took tons of notes. plenty of stuff i need to improve myself on haha. but thats how it is everyday. finding one thing to improve on and working on it to grow more and more like christ. i have a long way to go but im working on it for sure. blessings are flowing out here its great. we have a baptism this saturday and today a family told me their 3 sons want to be baptised. possibly 4. but its awesome i cant wait. 
love you guys 

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