Monday, November 11, 2013

November 4, 2013

i am being transferred. ill let you know where im at as soon as i can. transfers are tomorrow so yeah .. i hate this we just barely put like 6 people on date for next transfer and i have to leave. one of them went up to president murdock after stake conference and demanded that i come back for his baptism haha "we started this thing and were gonna finish it together" i love him. the other one pretty much said the same. i hate this feeling. ive grown so close to this ward and i love the people that we are teaching and now im being torn away. weve all become like family up here. weve been teaching a family and weve grown so close to them Michelle Butler said she has adopted me and Mickelsen. haha i love them im so sad that i have to leave them. theres lots of amazing people here. me and another elder.. elder muir went on exchanges and we went to see sister Duty and gave her and her daughter in-law blessings before they went to the temple. and it was so amazing. both blessings they said pretty much quoted their patriarchal blessings word for word. it was soo amazing. im gonna miss them. my comp was amazing and it sucks to have to leave after only one transfer together. he said hes gonna miss my cooking haha. got a reputation. its crazy cuz sometimes ill catch myself just talking like ive been out for over a year. and im like did i really just say that? i just got all spiritual.. haha i love it. most of the time i just act like i know whats going on.. haha i just wing it. theres pretty much no way to plan anything around here. i really hope i get to come back for the baptisms. i love you guys soo much but i gotta go. ill write alot more soon. i got lots to say.

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