Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the poor Goat!

can you tell the larsons that i want to write or email katie too. prefer email. then ill ask katie if she is willing to write my comp haha. hes an amazing guy tho. he made me so much better this transfer. i feel kinda bad sometimes cuz i still mess up and he has to deal with all my crap haha. i miss all the pets. i look through the paper and theres tons of cats dogs rabbits and other pets for free. im so tempted haha. theres a family that has a duck and it just sits out front guarding the place all the time. lots of stuff has happened so ill try to remember
umm first we helped a family butcher some goats. it was a blast. shot them in the head and skinned and gutted them and it was so fun we did that with another pair of elders. we had fun. i was playing with the decapitated head haha took plenty of pictures and a couple videos. i loved it. lots of blood. then were going back to do turkeys. then were gonna help the wells kill their goat that we wrestled (roger). i love the wells family. the road are rough out here and the bumper came off a bit so he fixed it a couple times.
then we pranked the sisters car. we soaped their window and threw a ton of newspaper inside and took off a tire and put it on the roof it was soo fun!. then just yesterday we did some service digging a hole all morning... and left our car at the wells and the two oldest daughters pranked our car with sticky notes and wrapped it in news paper. it was so funny. but it kinda backfired on them cuz we just tore it all of and left it on the ground and drove away and left them to clean it up. haha
then there was a zone activity and it was in the middle of freakin nowhere and the address they gave us was soo stupid the gps was takin us on some horrible dirt roads. and we kinda hurt our car a bit. i felt bad. and i had flash backs to our car and breaking the oil pan. then we went bowling and i sucked horribly.. as far pdays go it wasnt too fun.. oh well.
transfers are on the fifth so dont send anything. ill let you know if im staying. i think i might. i might be training and a district leader next transfer so we'll see i guess

whelp i gotta go. love you guys so much. 

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