Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Letters help :)

Your actually like the only ones who email me haha. I love reading your emails. even if they're short like mine haha. its been a pretty good week. when dad called me i was pretty surprised but i really needed it. i was going through quite a rough patch and felt really low. sorry about my last letter BTW if it seemed depressing. i try to be happy but its hard. i do love my mission and its great out here. but its definitely not easy. Then Charity wrote me a letter in the middle of the rough patch and what she said i really needed to hear also. If that's not divine intervention i don't know what is haha. We just had zone conference and David S. Baxter of the seventy came and spoke with his wife it was cool. kinda long and boring tho haha. 9 hours of him speaking. it was rough. i had a huge headache afterwords haha. oh well.
this transfer has gone by so fast and its almost over. i really hope ill stay in this area but i have a feeling ill be moving. ill let you know tho. transfers are on the fifth. hopefully ill stay tho. id like to be here for the holidays so we can be with some of the members that i love. theyre like my family away from home. id hate to be transferred right before the holidays. well see i guess. im loving it out here tho. the ward is amazing and we do alot of service. people like us for our brute strength i guess haha. and people seem to think we i eat alot. so they make a ton of food every time we have a dinner so i think im getting fat. haha. there is a kid that just got back from his mission in africa. he has the coolest accent. we take him out with us sometimes and he is awesome. but he apparently lost alot of weight over there. only had like two meals a day and ate some pretty sketchy food haha. i guess i got it good. my challenges will be my own tho and i definitely have a ton. we've been teaching a lot of people lately. and a lot of Catholics haha. they make the best mormons. they are some amazing people tho and it is really easy to love them. the missionary effort out here in this ward is amazing tho. the bishop is awesome and the ward mission leader and the elders quorum president. they're all so amazing. i love hanging out with the elders quorum president. his name is Shon Wells. We eat at their house a lot. those are the pictures you get. but yeah hes awesome. we give each other so much crap all the time haha. i love it. and he fixes our car every once and a while. one p day we went over and he let us mess around on their quads. haha it was fun. nothing to stupid. and he has a crossbow and we were shooting bales of hay. he has it all set up to where he can live of his land and animals for a while. there's lots of people like that out here. very self sustaining. we hear alot about politics out here too. haha out where we are everyone hates the way things are going. they say that colorado should split and the stupid people in denver can have their own state to ruin and everyone out west can live peacefully. haha its funny. theres lots of marajuanna going around tho haha. our next door neighbor has tons of plants growing. its nuts. we actually don't even live in the area that we cover. so were trying to find a place to live in our area so we can save on miles and whatnot. things are crazy tho. just gotta take it day by day.

 i laughed and derreks fire story. sounds like normal elders haha. not suprised. sister Duty said that she emailed you. i love her haha. shes so great. we used to go over and talk alot but we havent been able to lately because we have more people to teach and we dont have time but thats good. work is pretty slow but a lot better than last transfer. and we are already seeing the blessings of obedience. even tho we arent perfect but still alot better. there are some awesome families out here.

oh and could you do me a favor and ask the larsons if there is a way to contact katie. my comp is the biggest country kid haha. he listens to country a ton. and like five times a day i think that he should start writing her haha. i told him all about her haha. theyd be perfect for eachother. and he goes home soon. haha hes awesome tho. such an amazing guy and a great comp 

whelp there's your really long email. i didn't think id write that much haha. enjoy it while you can.

Love Elder Bowler 

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