Friday, September 27, 2013

September 25, 2013

Hey Mom
Transfers were yesterday and I am in the same spot for another transfer, my new companion is Elder Mickelsen from Idaho. He is pretty great. He was in our district before so I know him and we did service together a lot. Elder Lee was probably the worst trainer ever. Hopefully this transfer will be a lot better. and hopefully I can be a better missionary too, I wasnt to great last transfer. ill do better tho. I love hearing about home and all the things going on. we have a baptism coming up that im really excited for. hopefully it pulls through. our last ones didnt. and lately weve been doing alot of service for a family in the ward who really needs it and they have a helper thats catholic and weve been talking with her a lot about religion and its funny because i can totally see her being a mormon. shes a great person tho. and she is reading the book of mormon and what not. but shes great. theres lots of work here to do and im excited to do it all.

Alec getting some dinner at the Well's home

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