Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Delta, CO

This is a picture of him eating at the Wells' home in Delta, CO.  Sister Wells sent this to us!
that frog i found coming home one night and i put it in dallen and ashtons room and they put it in the kitchen sink and by morning it was gone soo idk how it got there haha.that was only like a week or two before i left tho.. go read the email i sent it has all the info. my comp is from alabama tho. were not teaching very many lessons but itll pick up. im so glad calvin got a job. i was praying for him a ton. congrats to dad. and sketch to ashton. good luck with him.. and yay for the horse haha. i forgot to build that thing you asked me to build but oh well haha. its definitely hard work tho. ive thought about coming home but i have no reason to. its just easier but im not gonna give up any time soon. its just hard not talking to or seeing anyone as much as id like. just gets kinda lonely sometimes. but ill be alright

my comp is pretty chill. hes Elder Lee. im serving in Delta/Olatha/montrose so i got quite and area so we have a car but hardly any miles to use. so it kinda sucks. its alot like taylor out here but on steroids. super spread out farm town. corn fields for miles and lots of hay. we baled hay all this morning. they have sweet corn festivals here also. and theres tons of people that know where snowflake is and have some sort of connection there. i met some penrods the otherday and his mom is in out ward so that was pretty cool. the work is hard tho. there havent been elders here for a while just a senior couple. they onely did less actives tho. so we got our work cut out for us. the last elders were handing out promise rings to young women in the ward. haha awesome. our ward is so small but the bishop and ward mission leader are great. our first day out we called them and they said they already asked like three different families to be baptised. so its pretty awesome. lots of people hate the mormons tho. lots of doors slamed in our face. but its good. we gave them their chance. alot of people are pretty open to us tho. the work will pick up soon i hope. im alive still so i guess that counts for something haha
Love Elder Bowler

oh and i made some Parmesan chicken this week.. friggin bomb. best i ever made. my comp loved it and who ever else had some. on pdays theres free bowling for elders so thats awesome and sonic gives us free food too.. dont mind if i do. ill let you know if i need a bike tho. ill go as long as i can with out one tho.

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