Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 1, 2013

I dont have an aebleskiever pan but im going to get one. we invited the other elders to our apartment sunday and im going to make them for everyone. im really excited haha. i am so glad that you had a good birthday week you deserve it. the mission is gonna have us start with the shoulder bags in a couple months. i dont really use my backpack anyway mostly because we have a car. so if i ever get a biking area ill need one for sure. everyone still uses backpacks tho. its not the main priority out here. and ill send another sd card with the christmas stuff and a bunch of other pictures. i have pictures of the wallabies too. this week was the first time i was really missing home just thinking of the aebleskievers and the tradition that it has become and all the family home evenings. good memories. and theres plenty of times out here where i often get reminded that you were always right. we dont really have a hard time teaching children but it is different and it would be nice to have something like that to help them learn. im so excited that you guys are so involved in missionary work. its really become a big push out here and its amazing the work that is being done... ( you kept on saying "you and Alec") haha thats funny..
alright heres the main part. with winter coming along im gonna need some stuff. so this is what i got..
1 my fly fishing stuff. a guy wants to take me out. if you dont want to send it then thats fine.
2 warm clothes. like a winter jacket probably like the one you got derrek. and maybe a long sleeve v neck sweater thing maybe just send a little money and ill pick one out idk. and a warm blanket.
3 and what ever else you wanna send me. just put it all in one thing so you dont have to send multiple.. idk you can figure it out. i dont really want to think about all that.
but yeah the mission is going great my new companion is awesome and im really excited for this next transfer.
love and miss you guys sooo much.
 Elder Bowler

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