Friday, September 27, 2013

September 17, 2013

***Preface to this letter...I asked him if he had gotten any flooding because of all the flooding that was going on in other parts of Colorado.***

the weather up here is nice. we havent been dumped on too bad. but everyone says that it was really dry all summer and september has been the hottest theyve had in years then we just got the most rain we've had in years. so its cool. and they said that this winter in gonna be the coldest winter in 80 years. i love the cold. everything is going great tho. this transfer is almost over and it seems like time is just flying by. i love the other elders in my area that we hang out with. its a great group of guys for the most part and we have a lot of fun. i got sick on sunday from food poisoning and had to skip church and the ward mission leader and the elders quorum came and gave us the sacrament. but ive been doing alot of sleeping wich kinda sucks but ill enjoy it while it last tho. im feeling alot better today tho. not really much else to talk about tho. i saw my blog it was awesome haha i loved it.

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