Sunday, September 1, 2013

First I'd like to appologize because I dont remember how to spell your last name. Second I would like to introduce myself. I am Jill Harris from Montrose/Olathe, CO. My husband is the bishop if the ward yiur son is serving in now. What a good, sweet young man he seems to be! He is striving to be a good missionary.  I have just been called as a ward missionary and I will be able to work more with your son. I have been asked to make sure our missionaries are being fed. Today was my first day over that & I couldnt find anyone to cover today as it was the only one open for the week. So in my crazy schedule I met the elders at Subway to buy them dinner before they went to their appointment. Thats when I found out it is your sons birthday today. I just wish I had known before. So here is a photo of your 19yr old son on his 19th birthday. 
Thank you for sharing him with us!

Jill Harris

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