Monday, November 11, 2013

New area - Nov. 11, 2013

Haha Jimmer fredette has a home out here and hes gone out with the missionaries a few times. hes in season now so hes gone.
my new address is
Elder Bowler
C/O Tucker Family
10144 W. Cavalry Run
Littleton CO, 80125
yeah i got all my snow stuff. ive had it for a while. i got transfered way out denver side to Roxburough. inbetween denver and colorado springs. its pretty nice out here. im loving it but i do miss my last area. i sent a letter on saturday so hope you get it soon. its kinda crappy but oh well
My new companion is Elder Izatt. (eye-zit) hes soo funny i love him. we get along so well and we are so much alike its scary. we have pretty much the same backround and past so we relate so well. we live pretty much in a mansion by ourselves. the family is in costa rica till february so its pretty nice. we stay in the basement which is under construction so its a mess but still nice. and we have a ping pong table and Izatt kicks my but all the time its sad but im getting better. im so excited for this next transfer i can already see the blessings and miracles beginnig to flow.
Izatt is from Gillete Wyoming. and he is way cool. He is a Visa waiter going to Brazil. His portugese is pretty impressive. he gave me the whole first lesson and i understood most of it and the spirit is way strong still. i love hearing him teach hes awesome. he has come from a really rough past. three of his best friends commited suicide within a year. and after all that he has been through he is so strong and he has come a long way. hes great. i love him. i cant help but tear up when i hear his story. he already has some people on date and thatll be happening soon. the Amsbacher family is soo cool. the kids were baptise a while ago and now the dad steve is going to be baptised soon and his wife tracy soon after hopefully.
there is a brother in the ward. brother massias he is soo amazing. we had dinner with their family and i kinda told him where im coming from and my struggles and he is soo full of love its crazy. he gave me an awesome pep talk. i needed it too. i love how the lord works. im doing so much better now. we have a car still so im happy about that. im loving my mission and its all flying by its crazy. theres some really great families in this ward.
the letter i sent has a bunch of videos on the sd cards for you guys so hope you enjoy haha. i miss you guys so much its crazy. it feels like ive been out for a while now. and im loveing every second of it. I AM A MISSIONARY.
nuff said
Elder Bowler

oh and we got to go to the temple. i loved it. we go the first wednesday of every month 730 morning session. the new video was great. i loved it. i thought it was funny how adam and eve got sent to the desert wasteland and it was just arizona haha. of course. its wierd tho cuz they do if from start to finish all in one room. then you go the the celestial room. it was way cool i love the temple so much. and i got to see a bunch of my friends. it was great. tell wendy and Mike and laura to call president and they can get permission to come see me and take us out to lunch or something ;) haha 303-929-2483,  i guess im living in littleton. but i live up in roxburough state park.. idk the ward is called roxburough.. just google the address i gave you. im really close to colorado springs.

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