Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 2, 2013

first off i loved your email haha. loved it!.
and second of all... FRIGGIN YODIES!!!! what is wrong with the world today.. had to go and eat my chicken!!! i wish shep was outside and could tear that yodie a new one.. thats probably the worst news ive heard since ive been out... soo depressing... haha i guess shep will be super protective of every single chicken we will have from now on. we need a doggy door or something.. man i miss that dog.. ugh.
thanksgiving was pretty fun.. and i lost the charger to my camera battery thing so im gonna buy a new one today. but we ate at the stullers and it was way fun. the wife is from germany originally so shes pretty psycho haha. super funny family tho. i couldnt stop laughing the whole time. and they had a son that just got home from his mission and we were talking a ton to him. hes pretty cool.
there are soo many super awkward families in our ward.. every time we have a dinner its usually super awkward haha. but we have a ton of super cool families too. and its a crazy young ward too.
on sunday we had a baptism it was super cool. i was glad to be a part of all that.
and im not suprised that our family is still as crazy as ever.. i kinda like it that way.. after all the families ive seen im so glad to have my family the way it is..
BT Dubs thank you for paying tithing.. i probably woulda keeled over a long time ago if you didnt.. haha jk but seriously.. thanks. sets a great example for me. idk if i already said this in an earlier letter but a part in my p-blessing says that ill look at my parents example and want to be like them.. and the longer im out i find that is so true.. you guys set an amazing example for me. thank you..
sorry i have like nothing to write this time.. i feel kinda lame ..
poor chickens.. sigh...
this one did feel alot like me tho.. hope you liked it haha.
DUCES love ya

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