Monday, August 5, 2013

1st day at the MTC - August 1, 2013

He sent a hand-written letter, so I am typing it out :)

"Hey Fam!
         Imma go ahead and apologize now for my crappy hand writing.  I'm so used to typing stuff.  My P-day here is Tuesday.  So I can email then.  So far it's been kinda crazy.  Yesterday was just a blurr.  Today was a little better.  Every once and a while I'll feel overwhelmed, but I keep on goin.  Every thing is like dead serious most of the time, especially with the guys in my district, so when I can I try to have fun.  Laugh a little with other missionaries.  I'm afraid if it gets too serious I'll lose it.  I miss home.  I miss my friends.  My companion to me feels like he's everything to challenge me.  Kinda like a young, W.... except he talks way more and knows "everything" and feels like he needs to teach me.  But I just brush it off.  It kinda sucks because I feel sometimes that I left family and friends to be connected at the hip to W... and it feels sometimes that I left just when it was good and I was happy.  HAHA!  I don't mean to sound depressed.  It's just challenging.  It's nice here.  The Spirit is soo strong.  My testimony is growing a ton and it's nice to be around so many people here for the same reason as I am.  I love you guys a ton and again sorry for the hand writing.  This was kinda rushed.

Love Elder Bowler"

**sorry, took out the name.  Didn't want the person to get his feelings hurt if he read this :)

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