Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Jumping right in!

hey sorry i didnt email yesterday it was labor day and everything was closed. and tell Calvin not to worry about that music. its all good. i just wish i got some off my laptop before i left. i had some good missionary stuff. our mission president is way awesome. he is so chill about everything. i sent a letter today so hopefully it gets there soon. its the wierdest letter ive ever written. i included my sd card from my camera. theres some good pics. i sent emily a letter about all the spiritual stuff thats happened cuz she asked for it. i told her to share it. so i didnt have to write it again. you should get it its pretty good. ive been doing pretty good out here. im loving it. i try to stay positive about everything and it really helps. i laugh alot and im just jumping right into things and it been going good. i miss you guys and love you alot. i might be needing a bike soon. but not sure yet. but i thought id give you a heads up. ill call you if i need it tho.
talk to you soon. love ya

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