Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

haha missionaries are awesome. we do have a lot of fun. Jackee is the girl i talked about in my last email. You'll really like her. i really like her haha. she's great. but yeah. our mission is expecting iPads by the end of the year for sure. glad to hear everything is going good with the family. its crazy that I'm almost to a year. time flies so fast. i feel kinda lame cuz i don't have hardly anything to write this week. I've been in a car my whole mission so far haha. and yet i still lost a ton of weight. its crazy. still working on myself still improving. slowly but surely. i had a little rough spot this week. almost gave up again haha. president gave me permission to call dad for 30 min. i didn't tho. idk why. but I'm better now. just need to take it all out on the b-ball court haha. life is going good tho. I'm really enjoying it here. summer in colorado very nice. 80 and rain. love it. all the snowbirds are up from az to escape the heat. theres a ton of people from az coming haha. not a bad gig tho. summers here are the best. and winters there are the best. can't blame them haha. i love you guys a ton . hope the week goes well.

Elder Bowler

June 16, 2014

i really needed the email you sent last week. i had a rough transfer battling it all and i was just ready to give up the fight. and it really helped me come to terms with my problems. it was good for me. dont feel bad. this week was good tho. we did alot of service. there are some really great people here in our area. i think im gonna move up here when im done. ill move to Rifle or something. theres a girl i really like haha but im staying far away from that till i get home. shes amazing tho youll really like her. shes a convert with a really rough past. i was able to be at her baptism when i was in trouble and going around with president. she had a daughter and then a year later the father died of a heart attack and a few months later the missionaries found here and shared the gospel. ive only talked to her a few times but shes great. i hit my year mark soon. its crazy that its been that long already. i was thinking the other day about Derrek coming home soon and also about Lexi. its crazy how everything just seemed like yesterday that derrek left for his mission. man how time flies. things are going really good tho. i really like my comp we get along really well. president wants me to train next transfer. theres gonna be like 25 new ones coming. im nervous but excited. it really helps me be better and obedient. so itll be good for me. 

Personally im doing really well. im ready for this next year. im excited to give it my all. i feel like my first half was kinda rough so i wanna make up for it in the next year. probably wont be easy but im gonna give it my all. so pray for me haha ill need it. 

i love you all so much. you are the greatest thing i have. you have helped me out so much thank you for everything

Elder Bowler

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 2, 2014

Man I miss my Family!!! You are all so great. I was thinking about everyone a ton this week. I think I wrote like 7 letters just for the heck of it haha. This week has been so much better for me personally. I picked up Sudoku haha.. it helps. But yeah with everything going on and me becoming a good person through the gospel really helps me know what i want out of life. What I want in a Wife and a family and a marriage. I really need someone who is as strong in the gospel as i need to be and well grow together. and im deffinatly having a temple marraige. i worked to hard to throw all that down the drain haha. so tomorrow is transfers. i dont know where im going yet and i havent even packed yet. haha itll be a late night. thats how it usually is tho haha. i just invested in some space bags. hopefully ill be able to transport all my crap easier now haha. i dont know how iv have so much crap its rediculous. i need to get rid of it all haha. oh well. i really suck at emailing now days. i just dont have much to say at all. the last few nights with my comps were fun. im really gonna miss these guys we had alot of fun this transfer. easily my favorite so far. last night we layed up on the roof and talked and looked at the stars for a while before going to bed. ill miss em. the people here in craig are so amazing. i cant wait to come back and visit after my mission. i have so many people i wanna see haha. its gonna be great. ive done really good this transfer. president wants me to train in a few transfers. im excited. the other night we had a really awesome lesson with a mamber in his home and his wife isnt a member and we were teaching and the spirit was so strong and it went super well. and i realize that im becoming a pretty good teacher. and i never really had confidence with my teacing but it was so good. it was all the spirit. and his wife sat in. didnt participate much but theres no way she could deny that spirit. it was great.
well i gotta go. hopefully ill write more next week.
sorry im a bum at writing haha.
much love to you all
Elder Bowler

Sunday, June 1, 2014

May 27, 2014

Alec when his eye was swollen
pretty crazy week. lots of personal trials and growth. painful as always haha. but i talked to my mission president and my comps and they're helping me out now. president told me that I'm being transferred and that I'll probably be able to get my tonsils out. hopefully. well see where it goes tho. i just get really discouraged and mad at myself sometimes that i keep messing up. so I've had to learn to be patient with myself and realize that I'm not gonna be perfect overnight. I'm really trying tho. its been hard but good. but yeah. transfers are on the 3rd so ill let you know where I'm at asap. apparently it'll be somewhere hard. so well see haha. and then he wants me to train again the transfer after. I'm excited to train again. so last Sunday my comp fell asleep at the wheel and drove off the opposite side of the road and we almost died. we were pretty roughed up and the car was too. going back to look at it, i have no idea how we are still alive. we should have rolled a lot. we were going like 70 and i didn't have my seat belt on. it hurt pretty bad and I'm still pretty shaken up haha.. I'll be alright tho... I'm down to only one pair of pants tho all my other ones ripped pretty bad. and there's nothing around here so i would really appreciate it if you could order some online and send it to the mission office address for me.. and if you could get a slim fit id love it. but other than that I'm doing pretty good. love ya tons. thanks for all the help you've given me ..

This is so Alec!  

God's creation...amazing!

His comps.