Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 21, 2014

Hey Mom and Pop.
Umm My week has actually been quite uneventful. but I'll tell you all that's happened the past few weeks. so last Sunday i dropped a glass plate at dinner and it shattered and went everywhere. then i went on exchanges with the most annoying elder ever. this kid actually pooped his pants during a lesson with his comp so i was pretty scared. then this Sunday i hit a pothole and wrecked two tires. and yesterday we heard of a place that is owned by members. so we went there and they pounded out our rims and fixed our tires so that was pretty awesome. every day just seems the same now. um Tracy was on date but it fell through and we were pretty sad. president murdock was gonna come to a lesson with us but he never did. we went to her house yesterday for dinner and me and stewart were talking in one room and Elder Ortiz had a real heart to heart with Tracy. not about the gospel or anything but she really opened up and told him a lot about some of the things that she struggles with. i always brag about how awesome my family is to everyone haha. they hear a lot about you guys. i've told the story about me putting calvin in the hospital like a million times and watching kids get struck by lightning. our family has some pretty awesome stories. i went through your blog and saw all the oldest entries and saw shep and how young he was and all the stuff we did and how young we were i loved it i got a really good laugh out if it.
i don't have much time to write today so i have to keep it short. the libraries were closed yesterday so we emailed today.
gotta go tho. love you tons. miss you too
Elder Bowler

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