Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 6, 2014

I don't know if I have much to say this week but I'll try to write as much as I can. This week has been pretty slow and we aren't teaching as much as id like. and its hard to keep the days filled and busy. i feel bad being a trainer because were supposed to be busy a lot and we haven't had much to do and it kinda sucks. but were trying. it snowed 14 inches. it was crazy. we were only supposed to get 3. and i looked at the weather in Derrek's mission. -39!! holy poopsicles. thats cold. right now its like 10 here. not too bad i like the cold I'm in shorts and a t-shirt. haha I get a lot of weird looks anyway as a missionary but i get more because here's this kid from Arizona in shorts and a t-shirt in 10 degree weather. haha i love it tho. we've been spending a lot of time with the a part member family. we kinda put the Mom on date. sorta. but i don't know if it'll work out. she just needs more time. we asked her to read the book of mormon and pray everyday. and i texted her asking how it was going and she kinda got after me. saying that there's a lot about her life that we don't know about and that her progression is gonna be gradual and she doesn't want to be pressured. i don't think we were pressuring her but i know that if she reads and prays it'll help her out and i want her to be happy more than anything. but when i got that text this morning from her my heart kinda broke a little. and i rolled over in my bed and this thought came into my head and this is what i texted her:
I'm sorry that we've been pushy. i feel bad. i know there's a lot that we don't know about but this is something that i know will help. just like being sick, drinking water and getting plenty of rest are the basics of getting better. while they may not be the best or fastest ways of getting better, and its not the cure for everything, it does help immensely. and with spiritual matters, with any struggle the basics are reading scriptures and praying. while it may not be the cure for everything it helps immensely,everyone that goes to the bishop for help the common advice is to read and pray daily. i've personally seen it change lives, and all were asking was in the next two weeks just to try it. everyday. it will help and you'll feel the difference in your life. i promise you this is true. i hope you know that we love you so much and were here for you whenever you need help.
I don't know why that thought popped into my head, and i don't know what affect it had on her but i felt like the spirit told me to say that. it was so clear what i needed to say at that time. i was so afraid that we were gonna lose her and afraid that by being a little too pushy we messed it up. but it is the greatest thing ever to feel this extreme love for these people. i cant describe it . i love it tho.
we've been spending a lot of time with a family in the ward.  they are probably the greatest family in the ward by far. i love them so much they remind me a lot of home and i love that. they are such a great family. and i love being there. Cori (the mom) has become a great fellowshipper to Tracy. i love it . Tracy needs a good friend. I love Cori. she's like a second mom. i have lots of moms out here now. ill make a list haha. but Cori is the greatest. She has a son in Brazil. so she takes good care of the missionaries here too. and she is probably the funniest person ever. i love her haha. Mom you should look her up on facebook and be her friend. shes great. she has lots of pictures of us haha.
all my Moms
Momma Butler.(Michelle)
and you mom of course
and a crazy grandma.
Sister Engel haha i love her.. shes friggin' bonkers tho haha.
i love this ward its so great. my comp is about to get his visa so ill have a new one next transfer. so ill most likely be staying here for another one. transfers end on the 26 so i still have some time. i've had a different comp for every transfer. its crazy. oh well. i just go with it. i realize that there is nothing i can do to stop change. change is the most constant thing ever. especially when it comes with what the lord knows is best for me. i hate change. so what better to do than move me around a lot and give me a bunch of different companions. its for the best tho because i know i can come pretty attached to people and places. but now that i realize that change is coming i'm fine. ill be back to visit. I don't know about the end of my mission but were gonna go on one heck of a tour to see all these people i love. a lot of people even members act different around us. not the holloways. i even got her to cuss at me a couple times haha i love it. we are both super sarcastic and we dish it out to each other all the time its a blast. the whole family is like that.
anyways ill put some more pics and videos on the gmail account. right now
not much else to say. haha
Love you Guys!!! love you Momma!!! miss you tons!!
Love Elder Bowler

oh and we've been reading the Book of Mormon everyday to finish it in 6 weeks. its been the greatest thing ever. we highlight every reference to Christ and its crazy to see how much is in there.. you guys should try it.  and now weed is officialy officail.. we saw on the news the huge lines waiting for the weed. it sucks. its sad to see things go that way especialy being a missionary. its hard

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