Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 13, 2014

its soo good to hear from you. it is seriously the best part of my week i look forward to it all week long! i miss you guys a ton! everything is going good out here. Tracy is doing good. we realized its gonna take some time and i'm so impatient haha. i know it'll bring her happiness but i just gotta cool my jets. and we've been trying to back out of their life a little more.. it kinda felt like these last two weeks were super slow and it was a huge struggle just to fill our days. and it seemed like we were over there a lot and i felt really bad when i realized that and apologized. but its going better sorta. were trying to get the members involved in missionary work because we really need help. i'm reading a book called The Power Of Everyday Missionaries. it is seriously one of the best books i've ever read. i strongly recommend it. also could you possibly send me those books that you wanted me to read before i came out but i never read because i'm an idiot.. i think they're in my closet. and we're still reading the book of mormon. i seem to read way ahead of schedule haha i cant put it down. i'm in helaman right now. i am loving this book. and i cant believe how much i'm getting out of it. all the times we read it before i guess were just a waste of time to me because i got nothing out of it. but this time reading through it is so amazing. and ill probably read it many times over again. i love the book of mormon. not much to report from out here tho. everyday just doing the lords work. what more could i ask for haha. its not easy tho. i'm definitely struggling sometimes with the courage to talk to people and to be able to share the gospel. but the book i'm reading is helping me a ton. again strongly recommended. not just to read it but to do what it says to do.
love you guys a ton!!! miss you OOOODLES

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