Sunday, January 5, 2014

December 16, 2013

Yeah this week has been crazy. Ill try to remember everything that has happened.
so it has been a pretty rough week. my companion got his visa and everything so a lot of this week was saying goodbye to everyone. it was really sad and hard to see him go. he left today. ill be with the zone leaders until I get my new companion tomorrow.
so I haven't been the most obedient missionary in the world haha but president called me in and asked me to train a new missionary coming from the MTC. and he knows a lot that has happened to me over the course of my mission. a lot of which has been weighing me down a ton. so he asked me to get everything off my chest so that ill be a good trainer. so I let him have it haha. I told him everything that was weighing me down all the stupid stuff that I have done so far. and it was quite the list.
after I was done talking I felt a huge weight off my chest. it was amazing. after spending so much time on my knees it has finally paid off. and president Murdock is an amazing president he is so full of love its crazy. and he helped me out a lot and now im training. crazy. Im a bit nervous because I don't want to mess up and ruin this kids mission like my trainer did for me. and I really don't want a bad companion. me and elder Izatt got along so well its crazy. we have become like best friends and it was so hard to see him go. the whole week weve been saying goodbye to everyone and it was horrible.
but yeah I had a phone that ive been using to talk to calving and stuff and part of my trying to be more obedient we smashed it with a sledge hammer haha. there were a lot more things I was doing to that I talked to president about. and I talk to derrek and I love talking to him. he said he has been a Junior companion his whole mission and he has 9 months left. and that's crazy. I cant imagine having a mission president that doesn't like you. Murdock is so great. and now that im serving metro side I see a lot of him and he helps me a lot. we talk about other missionaries a lot too haha. he always says that he hates butt kissers and those who aspire to have a leadership calling. and there are a lot of them out here haha. but yeah its been a roller coaster of a week spiritually and emotionally. but im good now. its awesome to see the atonement first hand in my life and to look back and see how far I have come from where I was. and I only have been out almost five months. and I have a lot more to go and a lot more growing too. the process of growing isn't really fun at all but after it all I am so grateful for it. this transfer has gone by so fast its crazy. and the rest of the mission will go by in a blink of an eye.
love you all and miss you a ton

oh yeah and that shooting in Arapaho.. yeah we were pretty much there.. its like right next to us.. what the crap is wrong with Colorado these days. Columbine. Aurora and now this. it crazy too cuz its all like right next to me. its all in our mission. and listening to John Bytheways talks are awesome. in the one 5 scriptures that will get you through almost anything he talks about columbine and going to speak to the students. and explains why bad things happen to good people. awesome talk.

i sent  a package today. for mom. it has dallens stuff in it so if you would be so kind to wrap it for me. but the box within the box is for you mom. its a willow angel. "The Angel of Light". and i dont know if you already have that one but i thought it was perfect because to me youre an angel mom. and always will be. dad can be one too if he wants.

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