Sunday, July 6, 2014

June 30, 2014

Its crazy that Charity is leaving already. dang. I miss all the rodeos. i love rodeos. they told us missionaries that for the 4th we need to go to as many members bbqs as possible. glad to hear everything is going good back home tho. crazy to hear everyone growing up. ugh. i saw calvins tat. i don't like it at all. its not even a good one. just seemed like he did it out of spite. oh well. I'm serving in frontrange which is a huge area covering. golden, evergreen, blackhawk, central city, idaho springs, dumont, georgetown. and a ton of other little places. but its huge.  missionary work in japan sounds rough. i couldn't do it. although i really like sushi now. its really good. and shrimp.. mmm. good stuff. grandpa was trying to get us to eat that all the time and i hated it. but i love it now. work is going good tho. we have a lady on date for the 12th of july. she's really awesome. her name is liz.  she's in her 60s she's been investigating for like 30 years. and finally one day she was just reading in D&C and was just like. i need to be baptized. so that was super cool. its really gonna happen. I'm excited. i love you mama. i was just thinking about my whole childhood the other day and i realized again how amazing of a mom you are. you are always striving to make everyone happy even if that means that you might not be happy yourself. i always loved that about you. you're the best mom anyone could ever ask for. especially to deal with all us five boys. i tell people about our family and everyone says that you're amazing for doing what you did. you really are amazing mom. i love you so much. dads pretty great too haha. he's helped me out so much on my mission. you're the best parents ever

love you!
Elder Bowler

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