Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 28, 2014

I got the pants. not very good material tho haha. i slid down a pole on the stairs and it burnt a hole and completely ruined them. but i got the other pair so its all good. my shirt size is like a 17 1/2 or 18 neck and 36/37 sleeve,

i ended up in grand junction with elder Mackley and Humphries, both super funny elders. Mackley served with Gonzales right before i did and hated him just as much. we just moved apartments today 

so our address is

125 Franklin Ave. #312 
Grand Junction, CO 81505

i had a pretty rough week. easily the worst on my mission yet. closest ive been to coming home. but i got over it i hope. i just hate moving around every transfer and not being able to stay anywhere long enough to build relationships with people. so when we visit the mission there wont be hardly anyone to see. and i hate being tossed around not feeling like i belong anywhere. its very lonely. i dont really have friends. its just hard. 

but i cant really do anything about it so might as well make the most of it. right? 

theres this online college for members of the church. idk if youve heard about it but i want to do it when i get home but i think it would be perfect for calvin. its only $65 per credit hour. for a year then after a year it transfers to byui and if you keep doing it online then it stays $65. and has a quite a few degrees. its way awesome. bachelors degree for about $10,000 total. super awesome. all online at your own pace. plus it throws in a little religion. haha. but its awesome. im deffinately gonna do it. look it up

other than all that.. ive been pretty good. i like it alot here in Grand junction. its nice. 

i feel like im getting worse and worse at emailing haha. ill try to do better 

Love ya. 
Elder Bowler

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