Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 21, 2014

i got transferred to highlands ranch again but president is moving me tomorrow. maybe to craig idk yet. ill send a letter with my address when ever i land. i know president doesnt hate me. just sometimes he gets really frustrated haha. he kinda had a bad week the other week. four missionaries went to in-and-out in provo. idk if i already said that or not but but he was in a bad mood. and i didnt help. i saw him the other day and he took one look at me and said hes gonna give me $100 to go buy some new shirts. i guess mine are pretty worn out haha. oh well. use it up wear it out make it do or do with out. motto still carries on for missionaries. ive pretty much had water and pretzel bites for the past week. and then what ever members feed us. not too often tho. missionary life. i decided from now on im never shopping anywhere except the dollar store haha. that place has just about everything a missionary needs to get by. perfect. im not coming home. i decided that a while ago. i started it might as well finish. im half way done. no turning back. yeah it gets pretty crappy sometimes but whos life doesnt? just roll with it. pray a little harder. and move on. such is life. one year left. still some growth to go through. but its all good. im excited. time flies. just gotta work hard. make it go faster haha. crazy that nana and papa are coming home already then derrek in a little while too. i cant believe it. time goes by so fast.
sorry to hear that the activity didnt go as planned. it sounded like it was gonna be a lot of fun. then life happens. do what you can with it i guess. man life is just crazy. i look back over the past year. i cant believe how far ive come. then i see how far i still have to go haha. im excited tho. id just like to stay in one place longer than one transfer so i can actually have some friends to connect with and come back and see. the past six transfers i havent been able to really connect with anyone. havent really get to be a part of someones conversion like i would like to. oh well. not much i can do tho.
i gotta go tho. pday is calling. might go play ball with jimmer. we saw him earlier today. shooting at the stake center. hes pretty cool.
LOVE  YA!!!!
Elder Bowler

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