Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

haha missionaries are awesome. we do have a lot of fun. Jackee is the girl i talked about in my last email. You'll really like her. i really like her haha. she's great. but yeah. our mission is expecting iPads by the end of the year for sure. glad to hear everything is going good with the family. its crazy that I'm almost to a year. time flies so fast. i feel kinda lame cuz i don't have hardly anything to write this week. I've been in a car my whole mission so far haha. and yet i still lost a ton of weight. its crazy. still working on myself still improving. slowly but surely. i had a little rough spot this week. almost gave up again haha. president gave me permission to call dad for 30 min. i didn't tho. idk why. but I'm better now. just need to take it all out on the b-ball court haha. life is going good tho. I'm really enjoying it here. summer in colorado very nice. 80 and rain. love it. all the snowbirds are up from az to escape the heat. theres a ton of people from az coming haha. not a bad gig tho. summers here are the best. and winters there are the best. can't blame them haha. i love you guys a ton . hope the week goes well.

Elder Bowler

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