Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 4, 2014

Dallen.. Play Football. youll be glad you did. plus youre gonna be bigger than me and everyone will be mad at you if you dont play. and its really good prep for doing hard things (mission)

anyway. its crazy that everyone comes home now. derrek comes home next month. and im on the downhill of my mission. i can look back in my journal and see what i wrote a year ago. its pretty cool. i do have my rough moments. this week was pretty hard but im determined to stick it out. the bad times will blow over eventually. so i just work. not gonna lie the hard times suck pretty bad when they come but i just read the scriptures like a mad man haha. it helps. im on my fourth time through the book of mormon. almost done with alma. its a pretty good book. i can read it forever. 

g sizes i guess i need like 4 xl extra support bottoms. and 4 cotton poly crew neck xl tops would be greatly appreciated. and yeah i like to wear long sleeve. if you could can you get like a smaller chest size. like mid 40s 50s are too big. i got a shirt from walmart and it was a 17. 17 1/2 neck . so just a xl shirt and it fits great. but i got short sleeve. if you got a few of those it would be nice its hot here haha. everyone says oh youre from arizona youre used to the heat. but im dying haha. its more humid here and i sweat like crazy. and ive always liked the cold more. 

other than that im doing pretty good. im determined to make this a good week. the transfer ends on tuesday the 26th. my bday. so dont send anything close to it cuz i might be transferred. idk. 

it seems like my emails are just getting shorter and shorter. i guess i just like letters more. maybe ill start writing again. well see haha. stamps are expensive. i think i should be able to get some tho.

i gotta go tho. 

love you!!
Elder Bowler

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