Monday, June 23, 2014

June 16, 2014

i really needed the email you sent last week. i had a rough transfer battling it all and i was just ready to give up the fight. and it really helped me come to terms with my problems. it was good for me. dont feel bad. this week was good tho. we did alot of service. there are some really great people here in our area. i think im gonna move up here when im done. ill move to Rifle or something. theres a girl i really like haha but im staying far away from that till i get home. shes amazing tho youll really like her. shes a convert with a really rough past. i was able to be at her baptism when i was in trouble and going around with president. she had a daughter and then a year later the father died of a heart attack and a few months later the missionaries found here and shared the gospel. ive only talked to her a few times but shes great. i hit my year mark soon. its crazy that its been that long already. i was thinking the other day about Derrek coming home soon and also about Lexi. its crazy how everything just seemed like yesterday that derrek left for his mission. man how time flies. things are going really good tho. i really like my comp we get along really well. president wants me to train next transfer. theres gonna be like 25 new ones coming. im nervous but excited. it really helps me be better and obedient. so itll be good for me. 

Personally im doing really well. im ready for this next year. im excited to give it my all. i feel like my first half was kinda rough so i wanna make up for it in the next year. probably wont be easy but im gonna give it my all. so pray for me haha ill need it. 

i love you all so much. you are the greatest thing i have. you have helped me out so much thank you for everything

Elder Bowler

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