Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 24, 2014

Yeah i was so excited to see Tracy's baptism. President let me go see it. It was amazing. I can't believe that Dallen is 14 that is friggin nuts. ugg. awesome to hear about Cody. congrats to him. hes gonna love it. being over the YSA ward we cover two stakes. but each ward has their own normal set of missionaries. but we only deal with the singles 18-30 in all the wards. so there really isn't that much. but we have a ton of fun. we have FHE every monday with fun and games. i think tonight were doing Zumba and volleyball. or something. and we get to go to Institute every Tuesday and learn from the bible. YSA wards are notorious for not getting fed all that much but our ward does pretty good. and people give us food for other meals too so our ward is great. there are  a lot of awesome people here i love it. 

things are going a lot better for me. talking about things really helps me out a lot and i can see my self becoming a better teacher and i love it. this past week has been pretty great and I've been a lot happier with where I'm and and what I'm doing. cleaning up my life has been hard but so worth it. I'm so much happier. keeping everything inside was destroying me and i don't know how i did it for so long. but I'm better now and hopefully i can start the changing process so by the end of the mission ill be who i need to be and learn all that i can from my mission and I'm gonna stick it out to the end. missions are hard and the idea of giving up and going home is really inviting. but that's not for me. i know i can do hard things and this is one thing that i really need to finish.

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