Sunday, February 9, 2014

February 3, 2014

Hey Momma!!

I got transfered to the Belleview YSA ward haha we cover like 14 wards. its crazy. which reminds me. Im trying to buy myself a GPS but I need help. So whatever you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. 

my address is 

The Hampden Appartments 
8567 W Hampden Ave
Apartment 107
Lakewood CO 80227

Its soo good to hear from you guys tho. I emailed Nana and Grandpa. It was so good to hear from them. And I've been thinking a lot lately. I never knew that Grandpa was a convert. and I realized that I don't know much about them so I asked them to tell me about it. And I also realized that I hardly know anything about you and Dad. And I've always wanted to know more but i just never asked. but yeah i would really love to hear about it. Its crazy that Dan is out now. I'm glad that things are going good back home its good to hear. I'm soooo glad that Calvin got another job so quickly. The counselor dude went well I'm seeing him again on Wednesday. I really hope I'm not too crazy and have to be sent home. that would be horrible. Idk if the Mouthpiece thing is working or not. my companion tells me it helps to not snore but i still snore. haha. i still feel like im not getting any rest. i want my tonsils out so bad haha. Idk just talking to the counselor was pretty crazy. I told him things that I've never told anyone ever.. it was cool to get it all out. the first session was just to get to know me but the next few will be to help me out

i gotta go tho but know that i friggin love you guys . 

Love Elder Bowler

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