Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

ive been taking the pills anyway. i think it has alot to do with how i was back home with keeping everything to myself and it all boils up inside. and now finally talking about everything is getting the release ive needed. which is nice. after talking about everything and being honest its really helped. idk if its the pills or just talking but i do feel happier. im still tired as ever tho haha. so stewart amspacher is taking me out to lunch today. with the kids.. and tracy decided to get baptised. which is awesome. and wendy just called and wants to take us out to lunch too.. so now we have two lunches.. awesome haha. should be fun. 

thats really sad to hear about Monte. thats really hard.

and now to hear that our cats are sleeping around. getting pregnant. satan is doing a great job destroying the family unit. pregnant cats not even married. its a shame. and the chickens are too sad to talk about ever since mine died.. ugh its so hard losing someone you love!

and yes we got to play with fire haha. it was fun. we get fed pretty great out here haha. usually the singles ward is famous for not getting dinners. but we do pretty good. we had bacon wrapped steak twice this week haha. and lobster. good stuff haha. we also wake up early and play basket ball a couple times a week haha its pretty fun. im loving the singles ward. its crazy. 

i havent seen the new temple movie yet. i dont know why they even changed it.. seems dumb.. oh well ill see it in the beginning of march. so well see haha

im doing pretty well tho its been a pretty good week and my companion is great were having lots of fun haha

love you guys a ton 

love elder bowler

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