Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 25, 2014

Hey Mom and Dad, 

Thank you for your emails they were great! Crazy that its all flying by now. transfers are tomorrow and I am staying here in the area. and also for the first time my whole mission i have the same companion for more than one transfer. Mackley is being transferred but im staying here with Humphreys. should make for an interesting transfer. we share our ward with sister missionaries but now they are being white washed and replaced with elders. no one is really happy about that. our ward mission leader is a very opinionated guy and he doesn't like it at all. this ward has been through 4 white washes in 8 months which is friggin crazy. its been a good week tho. this transfer flew by so fast tho man its nuts. thank you so much for the package i loved it! the g's are super white haha.. i loved everything. the slushy maker worked perfectly for me. it says if you read the instructions that if it doesn't work you have to turn the fridge down. so basically it has to pretty much be about frozen already. and you have to do like soda or something. but it works great. i love it. the pinata was awesome tell Dallen that the gum in the barrel and top really does taste like soap.. i tried it haha. it was great tho.. i think my favorite part was the oatmeal lace cookies ugh. man that made my week. theyre like crack haha. im surprised that they even made it in with Dad there haha. crazy that i turn 20. man haha. thats crazy. it doesnt even feel like anything now. its crazy being on the downhill slope of my mission tho. time is just flying by. i cant believe it. everything is all a blur. im looking forward to this next transfer. it should be a good one. we are working with Angela still and her family. they are my favorite. i love them haha. i hope to stay here in junction for a while. 

elder Oaks came to the mission on saturday and talked to the missionaries here in junction. it was super cool. hes pretty funny and he knows a ton. he spoke for only 30 minutes but it felt so short to me. i could have listened forever. he was just winging it the whole time by the spirit. every once and a while he would stop and say that the spirit is saying this. which is so cool to see someone so in tuned with the spirit. he even read his wife's mind. he was talking and he stopped all of a sudden and said that im getting a feeling that my wife wants me to say something. then he stops and then was like oh she wants me to talk about this. and she didnt even say anything.. it was pretty cool. i was glad to be able to meet him. 

other than that its just been another busy week in the field. working hard everyday. same ol same ol. ..

what are we gonna do today elder bowler?
the same thing we do every day pinkey. try and save the world..

some parts of it gets old haha but i enjoy it. 

my back has begun to be a problem. its hurting way worse now. that car accident up in craig really messed me up. we have an official mission nurse now so maybe ill call her. and im still having a rough time sleeping. im exhausted all the time.. i hate it. i cant even function sometimes. idk. ill call the nurse and check it out. 

i love you guys tho. i really do. thank you for all the help and support you give me. and thank you for all the letters from the family campout. i loved them. 

love you!!!
Elder Bowler

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