Sunday, August 17, 2014

August 11, 2014

there was a member here that knew jackee and snapped that picture to her. it was a while ago. i didnt even know she posted that or even talks to the rest of the family. i actually havent talked to her in a while. the 7th was the year anniversary of Nicks death. most likely a super hard day for her. how is she doing? do you still talk to her?

this week has been better than the last few. ive been studying like mad. i read everything. listen to talks all the time. i just get lost in this stuff. its nice tho cuz when my comps have questions about certain things i can answer them. they are suprised that i actually know my stuff haha. i suprise my self sometimes. its nice to that i can put confusing things in a simple way for others to understand. it really helps as a teacher. weve been working hard. success is kinda slow tho. there are a few families that were working with that are super awesome. one is a less active husband. and his fiance is investigating. with two kids. super awesome. theyre gonna get baptized but the husband wants to do the baptism but he is slow to repent. kinda holding her back. kinda annoying haha. but oh well. Grand Junction has some amazing people. awesome members. theres a family that moved in from germany out of the military and theyre super cool. i like serving here. the transfer is coming to an end which is crazy. it feels like it just started. and im almost twenty. man.. its cool to look back in my journal a year ago and see how far ive really come. me and elder mackley are training elder humphreys and sometimes its a little frustrating. hes pretty immature and doesnt really know how to teach. but were really helping him learn which in turn is helping me learn. i think all the time. was i that immature and unlearned. i probably was. which again is cool to see the progression. and i see the potential for this kid to become a great teacher. thanks for keeping me updated on everything back home. its really nice to hear about whats going on. i love it.

also idk if you already made a B-Day package. but could you include like four pairs of the shirt stays. like the normal ones you usually get. maybe some study materials like highlighters and a strait edge. and gum and maybe a gift card to somewhere for three of us. idk thats all i really want. maybe if you wanna spoil me a new watch would be nice. one with a white band. maybe. id like that. 

but if you already got stuff then dont worry about it. i can wait till christmas haha.

i love you mom. sorry for all the headaches i give you

Elder Bowler

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