Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

Yeah its been an interesting week for sure. and Definitely a rough one. lots of scriptures. lots of talks. and probably the most prayer ive ever done in my life. it has not been easy by any means. Yes missions are amazing things. but i feel like my time is done. and ive come to peace with that answer. but id be lying if i had any clue what im doing. i have no clue what im doing at all and im scared. but i know i have the best parents in the world to help me every step of the way. you are  amazing. you have helped me more than youll ever know. i am so grateful to have you in my life and to be the wonderful examples that you have been. and im so grateful to have you here by my side helping me. i know that ill be fine. yeah im scared. but one day at a time ill get through it. my mission has been an amazing and extremely rough ride. ive learned more than i ever thought i would. and my own conversion has been tremendous. my testimony will not be shaken. i know my savior. i love his atonement. i wouldnt be where i am without it. i love the ability to change for the better. ill never forget my mission and i dont regret it one bit. it has taught me so much and i feel like i am so much a better person. but now i know that my mission is done. dad you told me once that i have to Earn Jackee. and to be honest i dont know if i have. i dont know if shell even have me now. but either way. this is what its going to be and ill have to live with the consequences. she is amazing. and youre right shes perfect for me. being an insta dad is kinda scary sometimes. but im ready. again im not going to pretend that i even know what im doing.. i prolly never will. but ill just fake it so everyone thinks i know what im doing. that is one thing that my mission has taught me hahaha.  i love you mom. sorry for all the crap that i put you through as your child but i love you. thank you for everything. i will never stop hugging and kissing you. i will go to you for everything. sorry i was such a butt for not doing it sooner. you are the best mom anyone could ever ask for. you are strong you are smart and you love everyone. 
I love you dad. thank you for your patience. thank you for your advice. thank you for all the help and guidance that you have given me. and will give me. you are the best parents in the world. i love you.

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