Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 5, 2014

Hey Mom and Pop
so its been a crazy week so ill take it day by day haha..
so Tuesday..
woke up in the morning and i couldn't see anything. my eyes were in so much pain and they were so sensitive to light it was killing me. so we went to the hospital and they said i had a scratched cornea or something. so they put my on oxycodone and eye drops. and ordered a ton of sleep which was great i loved it.
then Wednesday my comps had a meeting in grand junction and i went with a missionary buddy of mine in rifle for the day. slept in till 11;30 was blind for a while. and we went to lunch with a recent convert there shes way cool. been through a lot. and slept some more. then went to the same recent convert for a lesson and she gave me a awesome pair for oaklies for my eyes so that was awesome. id like to serve there someday
then Thursday. i felt like garbage all day. the meds were really taking a tole on me. slept a lot did some shopping. and ended the day by making little bombs and breathing fire and doing the caprisun challenge. which is 15 caprisuns in 15 minutes. or basically drink as much as you can until you throw up.. it was awesome..
then Friday was interesting. i had a follow up with an eye doctor in town and it was soo dumb he treated me pretty poorly. and wasn't very nice. i was there for like 10 minutes and charged me $136,, sooo stupid. but it turns out that i had an ulcer the whole time instead. so i got new eye drops that are worth $145 for 3mL super dumb. almost had to pay that too. but i talked to sister Murdock and she got it all cleared with missionary medical or i would have had to pay all of that.. but i was in such a bad mood all day because of it. so i made a fire arrow and shot a bottle filled with a little gasoline.. didn't really work. so i made some queso. rough day
Saturday night we went into the shed on at our place were living at. which is member owned but they're gone for now.. and we caught two birds. it was pretty fun. we named them cornelius and jaques. it was fun. we let them go Sunday morning.
Sunday was really good. church was great and i was struggling with a few things. its not so much obedience lately just cuz I'm with zone leaders so I've been pretty obedient the past few transfers and its been great i love it. but i was struggling with a few personal things and i got your package today and i loved it! best package i ever received. i loved all the pictures. especially Kaley getting engaged haha to Derek hahah that's pretty awesome.. any way but yeah i loved it. and new contacts which was perfect because i couldn't wear my old ones anymore and it was my last pair. but i especially loved dads letter. i was praying and fasting for help with a few things and his letter was literally and answer to my prayers and it couldn't have come at a more perfect time. it helped me out so much its not even funny. because i was struggling so bad. i was even asking for a different trial if He would just take this one away from me. but dads letter helped me out soo much. i was great. It was amazing how it all worked out. it really helped me know how much Heavenly Father knows and Loves me. it was the perfect letter at the perfect time.. it seriously couldn't have been any better
so yeah its been quite the week for me. but I'm loving it up here in Craig. I'm loving my companions. they are so great. its a great area with some really amazing people

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